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What We Do

What is viBeatz? Fact not Fiction Why viBeatz?
  • ViBeatz is a multi-level, pre-styled dance fitness class for all!!
  • You choose your own level of exercise intensity.
    Level 1,2,3 or 4 or beyond. Do your workout !
    No pressure to perform.
    Dance fitness for all!
  • The class contains uplifting music that has been choreographically linked to functional fitness and dance performance with an emphasis on high energy, core and yogic flow.
  • Vibeatz is a celebrationof positive vibes!
    Dancing is our main priority yet the by-product is all-round fitness. The added fitness benefits which includes Stamina, Endurance, Weight loss and Increase mental agility.
    Can burn up to 500 calories in 45 minutes!
  • Muscle shrinkage and weakening is almost inevitable as we age (from our 30s onwards is speeds up “rapidly”), but dancing is one of the best exercises to help us stay young.
  • An experiment in Germany saw 20 elderly men and women dance for three hours a week, while another 20 trained in a gym. After six months the dancers saw a 15 percent improvement in muscle strength, while the gym group had little difference.
    Dancing stimulates more muscles, tests your flexibility and uses your brain and your balance. It’s more “comprehensive and holistic.”????BBC1 How to Stay Young’ documentary , April 2016 “
It is now scientifically proven that dancing helps you stay young!
viBeatz offers a unique experience of DANCE , BODYWORK , MUSIC SYSTEM that celebrates the union of dance and fitness.

    Bite-sizeDance choreography use choose your level.
    Adaptability for all fitness levels.
    Confidence Building
    A sense of achievement
    Each track has a purpose:
    Cardio Blast
    Leg Blast
    Core and Balance
    Bodyweight challenge
    All tracks have been selected from ALL music genres 70’s, 80’s,90’s and 00’s beyond.
    Choreographically inspired by music
    Music to motivate you!